Hindupur Vyapar Apparel Park Ltd.

Indian textiles have a legendary heritage through the ages. Some of the best attires of Greeks & Romans were draped with Indian textiles. European settlers exchanged silver & gold for Indian textiles, which became the fashion statement of the period. Calico, Pajamas, Gingham, Dungaree, Chintz & Khaki - these apparel names are Indian contributions to the English language.


Hindupur Vyapar Special Economic Zone

India today, is a fast emerging economic super power. A body of 300 million plus strong world's largest middle class population, unleashing the latent strength of popular consumerism. A vibrant youth force of 54% of population below 25 years of age, firing to reshape economy & way of life. Vyapar plans to open up special economic zones in Hindupur with Beneficent Knowledge Parks and Properties Ltd.