1Rayon embroidery threads

These are made out of Viscose Rayon filament yarn.
Vyapar rayon threads incorporate the use of most hybrid raw materials.
Highly fine-tuned to meet today's hi-speed embroidery equipment & strict production deadlines.
Physically these threads are uncommonly silky, lustrous & exceptionally strong as well as smooth running.
Continuous innovations of manufacturing strategies have made Vyapar threads almost break free.

Special features include:

High tensile strength

Polyester embroidery threads

knot Free.

Consistency of denier: eliminates tension problems.

Length/Size can be as per customers specification in case of large order.

Three different weights: select the right thread for any job.

A rainbow of over 800 spectacular shades available as solid shaded and multicolours.


Polyester embroidery threads

Made from specially developed raw materials Polyester embroidery threads better known as VYAPAR's polo is virtually free of looping, puckering and all threads breaks. Suitable for any and every textile application VYAPAR polo is the ideal thread for embroidery on uniforms, safety garments and commercial linens

Special features include:

Superior strength for fewer thread breaks & reduced down time.

Low elongation eliminates looping & puckering for hours of worry- free embroidery.

Colorfast to chlorine bleach & soda; ideal for embroidery on items which are subject to harsh industrial laundering.

Colorfast to stone wash process.

Length/Size can be as per customers specification in case of large order.

Available in over 360 spectacular shades.

Silky luster.

Economically priced to fit even the most conservative budget.

3Viscose rayon filament yarn

Viscose Rayon Filament yarn in Deniers ranging from 30 Denier to 3600 Denier.
Made out of cotton linters/ wood pulp it is basically a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber obtained after, processing involving viscose preparation spinning and regenerating.
As a crucial element for fashion apparel it has got immense industrial appeal in the areas of weaving, knitting & thread making.
Vyapar Deals with all deniers from 75D to 600D.


Polyester filament yarn

Made out of POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) polyester filament yarn has its regular application in the making of Polyester fabrics. It is also proven to be useful for the weaving and knitting industries. Vyapar deals with all main deniers 75,100 & 150 in case of trilobal polyester yarn.


Pure silk yarn

100% Mulberry Silk filature (Raw Silk) & Silk fabrics. Vyapar Industries does major out sourcing of silk yarn & fabric from China, right from the yarn & loom stage. After processing it to perfection they are sold to the manufacturers of scarves stoles, tiles & cushion carves.


Nylon filament yarn

Apart from twin weaving & knitting of fabric, Nylon filament yarn has got wide applications in the manufacturing of fishing nets. Vyapar imports deniers form Germany, Taiwan & Malaysia for some select customers.


Spun polyester and core spun polyester threads

Made from prime quality raw materials in alliance factories, with installed vertical production facilities from spinning yarn to finished sewing thread, they cover spinning, winding & dyeing to finished cones.